Dolmen Mystery Mountain Bike Tour

Learn the history, alternative theories and mythology behind these stone structures that have been part of the world for well over five thousand years.

Cycle through picturesque Portugal taking in some of the most dazzling mountain landscapes here in the peaceful Beira Alta region.

Visit the second most popular region of Portugal in the worldwide Neolithic building explosion with access to one of the largest remaining passage mound dolmens.

Enjoy tales of local legends and lore that have shaped the history of the area we live alongside the 'River of Poets' Rio Mondego.

Perform seven light-hearted rituals to give you a moment to connect with yourself, the land itself and to acknowledge our ancestors that found it such an important location. 

The experience includes the full 4-hour tour, bike rental with insurance, a refreshment drink at a café that offers delicious local artisan products, and also the use of facilities at Cara Creek Eco Lodge including: riverside beach, natural pool, sauna as well as complimentary tea and coffee.

Guests should be reasonably proficient in cycling. There will be a 2.4km incline at the beginning of the tour in which we will go slowly as a group and take two water breaks on our ascent. The rest of the tour is either flat track or downhill on a paved road.


Great experience for couples and small groups. Private booking discounts available.

Group Size
1-2 people  
€40 per person
3-5 people
€30 per person