Dolmen Mystery Tour - Cycle

Dolmen Mystery Tour - Cycle

On the Out of the Norm: Dolmen Mystery Tour you will experience:

  • Seeing Megalithic stone structures officially dated back to the Neolithic era up to 6000 years old.
  • Discovering the recorded history, popular theories and local mythology surrounding the dolmens building and use. 
  • Entering into the 10th largest passage mound dolmen in Portugal and sit in the same space as generations before you.
  • Acknowledging the ancestors that have left these monuments in the earth as clues to the wonder of our existence.
  • Taking in the beautiful nature and wildlife with a 360-degree view that spans three mountain ranges.
  • Feeling yourself on the land that was so special to those before us with light-hearted offerings and rituals.
  • Riding our smooth Rockrider Mountain bikes around road and track with a moderate difficulty level.
Group Size
1-2 people  
€30 per person
3-5 people
€25 per person
6-10 people
€20 per person

Contact 00351 910 873 987 to arrange a date for your tour

Tours are 3.5 hours in length and span just under 17 km. 

Starts and ends at Cara Creek Eco Lodge and includes use of the facilities, please check for full details.